Secret Sessions round 2@Revival-Mon.,March 13th,2017

Photography By: Devon Lowry & BK on the SCENE

It was Secret Sessions round 2, and like  last time, the committment to the allure of the secret which unfortunately meant we weren’t told about the film, until we showed up at Revival ! But it was a complete 180 from Secret Sessions 1:  Anchorman: Ron Burgundy and more classic, in a vintage Hollywood way. Although coincidentally it was another case of art imitating life, imitating art.

There was great food, an excuse to get dressed up for a classic movie and Revival was decorated to look like the iconic classic movie-“Casablanca”! The cast/crew were dressed to mimic the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Peter Lorre.


The Secret Sessions are experts in delivering unique immersive events with an element of mystery and surprise. The Movie Experience is their inaugural event series but expect more exciting events to come from this company in the years to come. Their goal is to ensure adults stay curious because life is much more fun that way.


The Founders: Jennifer Dysart and Bronwyn Cuthbertson are combining their skills and expertise to start a brand new company. Jennifer is an experienced event planner, actor, and choreographer specializing in customer service. She finds the perfect venues and suppliers to make for unforgettable events while ensuring the event talent are ready to rock. Bronwyn is a dynamic strategic planner and logistics expert with experience working for large global events including delivery of two Olympic Games. She leads the marketing, sponsorship and financial side of things to ensure The Secret Sessions is a profitable event company that everyone is talking about. The two have been friends for over two decades and consider each other sisters.

The Company: The Secret Sessions is a Toronto based event company that delivers unique immersive events with an element of mystery and surprise. They plan to deliver different event series or ‘Sessions’ with the first series being a 360-degree immersive movie viewing experience modelled after the events delivered by the UK company Secret Cinema (

Why start the Secret Sessions: While living in London, England Bronwyn attended a Secret Cinema event and her mind was blown. She knew that it was something that would be great in the Toronto market and that Jennifer was the partner she needed to bring the idea to life. However, both Jennifer and Bronwyn’s motive behind starting the company goes way beyond introducing this creative concept in Toronto. They have noticed a lack of in-person connections happening and want to bring Torontonians together in a shared experience, inspiring creativity, connections and community. Building community is a pillar of what The Secret Sessions are about. They want people to leave with new friends and feeling that they were apart of something special but without being too cheesy about it. We experienced the Casablanca experience and l would say it was unique ! The interaction with the actors was hilarious and we look forward to future Secret Sessions.

We would like to thank Hannah Yardley, Clutch PR for the invitation to this event.