Filth City Movie Premiere @ Scotia Bank Theatre (Sat. Mar. 25, 2017)

The Filth City World Premiere was shown in Toronto at the Scotia Bank Theatre, and the movie is best described as a comedy/crime/action piece loosely based on the life of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Starring Melinda Shankar, Melanie Nicholls-King, Kevin Soldo, Kathleen Philips, Siobhan Murphy, Killian Gray, Lenno Britos, Michael Copeman, Lamar Johnson, Kenny Holt and Pat Thornton (mayor Tom Hogg), the movie was Filmed in 43 locations in the Hamilton, Ontario area with a budget of $500K.

The story centers around alcoholic and drug addicted Tom Hogg, a corrupt mayor fighting to be re-elected to the city of York. When he is caught on video smoking crack, he goes to great lengths to keep the incriminating video from reaching the public. Inspired by real events, the film depicts garbage strikes, sexual impropriety and over the top crime by Tom Hogg and his circle of corrupt cronies.

Since his passing, the family of Rob Ford has been in contact with the writers and producers about the unflattering portrayal of the late mayor, but as the panel discussion mentioned – “all is good with the Fords and we’ll be having tea with them to discuss the movie.” Saturday was the closing night for the Canadian Film Fest and Filth City won the best comedy movie award for the festival.


Thanks goes out to Susan Smythe-Bishop, Vice President Torchwood PR, for the invitation.