Written by Brandon Hackett, Devon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nunez, and Ann Pornel, directed by Kerry Griffin.
Runs through July – secondcity.com or 416-343-0011
This revue continues the tradition of Second City’s trademark sketch comedy, presenting a satirical view on the Trump-era. Packed with references to contemporary American political events, from immigrating to Canada, to figures in American health care, there’s no end to the laughs to be found in humorous observations of relationships, lifestyles and some comical scenarios, such as a dolphin photo-bombing a wedding at Ripley’s Aquarium.
Other sketches in the lineup continued with a Michigan resident trying to get into Canada under refugee status, claiming he has come from a “ravaged country”, and a spelling bee where Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos misspells the word “success”. And border crossing has never been more entertaining as we see one misguided fella attempting to visit Canada “indefinitely”, how the quiz he is administered for entry shows his whimsical misconceptions of this country, believing the Queen is the animal on the dollar coin, and that a double-double equals four (not your daily dose of java). The tourist’s perception of Canada being a promised land is hilariously challenged when he’s informed it’s nothing but 24-hours-a-day of Murdoch Mysteries, and where the leading causes of death is poutine and bike riding.
For two hours, the crowd was treated to a buffet of sidesplitting sketches and the improv with the Pilot from Orangeville bringing in audience participation, filling the evening with exuberant laughter from the great fun watching the cast expertly perform their craft!
We look forward to future productions of Second City and would like to thank Damien Nelson of Flip Publicity for the invitation to this event.