Made With Love@The Liberty Grand-Mon.,March 27th,2017

This was Toronto’s biggest cocktail competition held at the Liberty Grand. The best local barchefs were in action, eager to impress guests with their exquisite crafted creations!
A special mention to all of them who made it to the next round, the main competition was March 27th! The annual Made With Love competition toppled last year’s showcase and the competitive juices were in full force at the Toronto finals. The eighteen regional finalists, who had been selected at the qualification round held in February, competed for the titles of public’s choice and jury’s choice in an atmosphere that awakened the senses. The barchefs doubled with ingenuity not to let down the crowd of 600 cocktail lovers who showed their support to the local bartending scene.

Thanks to all the competitors! The competition woudn’t be the same without the passion and creativity! The event was raised to another level for 2017 and congratulations to Jamison Cass – Baro for winning the Judge’s Choice Award and Jamison Cass – Baro for the Public’s Choice Award! A double win for Jamison Cass this year, as he captured both of the coveted awards for 2017. The other winners are: Judges’ choice : 1- Jamison Cass – Baro Toronto 2- Trirell Biggart – Luma 3- Danielle Yoon – Drinksmith
Public’s choice : 1- Jamison Cass – Baro Toronto 2- Nick Incretolli – Bar Sazerac 3- Leah Young – The Carbon Bar.

Jamison Cass’ WINNING RECIPE-From Past to Present
1800 Tequila Silver
Pinneapple Shrub
Kafir and eucalyptus gum syrup Spiced banana mist

Food pairing

Camarones Borachos:
Drunken shrimp and coconut rice

Pork-fat washed Appleton Jamaican Rum Fresh lime juice

Tonka bean cinnamon syrup Coconut milk Angostura Pineapple Bitters
BBQ bitters
Activated charcoal
Fermented Pineapple Jerk Punch

Food pairing
Jerk porchetta slider
Here are the highlights of the 2016 regional competition in Toronto&Quebec City.

We would like to thank Maryline and the rest of the staff at Made With Love/Enjoy Made With Love for the invitation to this event.