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IMG_5796Real Housewives of Toronto star Roxy Earle took to social media tonight to comment on her experience during tonight’s episode, Episode 6, “All Frocked Up.”

In the episode, Earle gets invited to a trunk show organized by a cast mate at her home, and goes, only to find the host hasn’t stocked any outfits in Roxy’s size (Roxy’s a 12). She’s relegated to watch while her castmates try on dresses. That’s totally frocked up! Distraught but resolute, Earle is very real and personal as she talks to her fans.

She resolved, “I might lead a really glamorous life and I might be able to buy these clothes, but it doesn’t mean deep down in my heart it doesn’t hurt to go somewhere and have everyone be able to try on something beautiful except for me…anyways, just a little realness…It’s hard. But [I] promise you: I’m going to change things. And I hope tonight’s show, I hope watching me experiencing something on TV opened people’s eyes. I hope if you work in a store, when someone walks in who doesn’t fit your mold of who you think should be wearing the clothes – be gentle with them, be nice to them. To designers, start embracing women of all shapes and sizes, of all colors, of all backgrounds. This is just about diversity. And don’t take my crying as weakness. I’m going to change things…I might be on a reality show, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not real. I’m bringing the real to the Real Housewives, and I’m not stopping till I’m done….Let’s change fashion, baby.”

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