digiPlaySpace: Creative Machines @ TIFF 2017 (Feb. 18 – Apr. 23)

While Easter long weekend had many kids exploring their backyards for painted eggs, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival 2017, had them exploring the boundless possibilities of technology in their futuristic feature event, digiPlaySpace 2017: Creative Machines.

Families were treated to a unique technological experience, playing with dynamic robots, coding, and lights that surround and moved to transform their world, empowering them to create amazing artistic opportunities. It was a fun and educational tour of modern technology; including robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and networks, learning how these innovations are changing the way we work, how we relate to each other, and the way we play and express our creativity.

At digiPlaySpace, guests got hands on with some of the most creative uses of these technologies through a variety of games and activities displayed in 23 installations from eight countries. This TIFF showcase was a mind opening invitation to explore, get inspired and motivated to learn about the creative potential of modern technology. Participants had their imaginations truly fired up being shown a world where users control a robotic arm that mimics human movement, interacting with the solar system and space across a circle of 28 iPads, and painting with light while the environment around them came to life in a glowing spectacle.

digiPlaySpace impressed everyone as a revolution in interactive art, design, and activities from acclaimed Canadian and international artists highlighting the power of creative technology for kids and those young at heart. Opened just in time for Family Day, it’s not too late for you to check out the sixth digiPlaySpace exhibition as it runs for an extended nine weeks at TIFF Bell Lightbox, from February 18 to April 23, 2017.

We would like to thank Rebecca from TIFF Communications Department for the invitation.