Canadian Music Week Day 1 featuring Papa Roach with special guest – One Bad Son & Second Pass @Danforth Music Hall – Tues., April 18th, 2017

Canadian Music Week kicked off with Papa Roach as the opening act, along with One Bad Son and Second Pass, performing at the Danforth Music Hall on Tuesday, Apr. 18.

The set opened up with the title track from their upcoming album, ‘Crooked Teeth’, followed up with fan favourite hits such as; To Be Loved, She Loves Me Not, and Scars. “Spunk” should be Jacoby Shaddix’s middle name, as the frontman for the band was energetically bopping up and down, working the crowd to a frenzy. He was never in the same place on stage for very long, and even when not running around, he kept a strong connection with the crowd in his lively interactions.

Papa Roach fans got what they wanted and more! Ending the show with Between Angels and Insects, the band showed that even after over 20, their popularity and relevance is just as strong as ever, with no sign that they’ll be slowing down any time soon. We can’t emphasize enough just how much we’re looking forward to Papa Roach’s return to Toronto next year.

We like to thank Sacha Miller and Kaitlyn Davies of Work Late for the invitation to the event.