Ramen Heads @Momofuku (Wed., May 3rd, 2017)

In celebration for all things Made In Japan at Hot Docs, we were very excited to receive our invitation to the press conference for the world premiere of Ramen Heads on Thursday, May 4 at the Scotiabank Theatre. It was an even more rare event to be in the presence of Japan’s reigning king of ramen, world renowned chef Osamu Tomita at Momofuku Nikai.

This year’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival includes eight Japanese productions, covering topics from pro-gamers to political protests. Ramen Heads was Koki Shigeno’s film, part of Hot Docs Made In Japan series. Tomita said (via an interpreter) “It’s all about the special noodle and the biggest part of eating Ramen is The Slurp, the louder, the better!” The stage was set at Momofuku Nikai, following Osamu Tomita, King of Ramen, a four-time winner of “Tokyo Ramen of the Year” and the “ramen head.”

Tomita, a very successful chef who has waiting list of 200+ for his “Ramen Heads”, whom are all eagerly waiting through the eating periods of breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner for his creative culinary art, using rich ingredients to make a perfect bowl of ramen. As Tomita said through an interpreter, “Eating Ramen is a sensual experience, as you use your mouth and as mentioned earlier, the slurping part is not being rude, it’s a compliment to slurp loudly, that’s the way to enjoy the Ramen delicacy.” Did the Ramen live up to his reputation? Let’s just say I have become a “Ramen Head”, as I totally enjoyed the noodles and the soup was delicious! Also we would like to thank Momofuku for the yummy pork and veggie buns served before the Ramen Noodles!

Also on hand to do Interview opportunities were:
Yukihiko Amagi, Tokyo Docs
Asako Fujioka, Tokyo Docs
Chef Osamu Tomita, Ramen Heads
Director Koki Shigeno, Ramen Heads
Director Toru Tokikawa, Ukiyo-e Heroes
Director Takao Gotsu, Living the Game
Director Takashi Nishihara, About My Liberty
Director Saburo Hasegawa, Human Battlefield

Ramen Heads screens four times during Hot Docs.

Thu, May 4th, 5:45 PM Scotiabank Theatre 13 – Rush Tickets Only
Fri, May 5th, 10:15 AM TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
Sat, May 6th, 10:45 AM TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 – Rush Tickets Only
Sun, May 7th, 12:00 PM Hart House Theatre

We would like to thank Danyel McLachlan | Communications Manager of Clutch PR for the invitation to this event.