VOICES that CARE-to benefit ROOM 217@Glen Gould Studio-Fri.,May 5th, 2017

The who’s who were on hand to support a great cause last Friday. Performing at the Glen Gould Studio were: Matt Andersen , Murray McLauchlan , Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy , Travis Knights, Ben Heppner, Albert Schultz and Margaret Atwood
Voices that Care is a benefit concert for the Room 217 Foundation. Room 217 Foundation is a social enterprise dedicated to caring through music. Room 217’s music care approach includes purposefully designed music care resources for vulnerable populations, education for caregivers who wish to integrate music into care practice, and a framework that will help health care organizations optimize music for person centred care.Music is increasingly being used and accepted in healthcare to intentionally improve wellness. However, there is a lack of standardization as to how music may be integrated into personal care goals and the physical care setting to produce the best quality of care. As a result, the benefits of using music to enhance well-being, quality of life and care may be underdeveloped.

The Room 217 Foundation is working to see music used as an agent of care for vulnerable populations that can be delivered by all care providers regardless of their musical abilities or training. To this purpose, the Room 217 Foundation develops research-informed music resources that anybody can use, provides education on how to integrate music into care and supports innovative research into music and care.

The Room 217 Foundation serves care givers, and ultimately care receivers, in a number of populations such as hospice palliative care, long term care, various contexts of community care including group homes and everyday homes. End users include allied health care providers, family and volunteer caregivers, musicians, teachers, spiritual care providers and many more.

Since 2005, the Room 217 Foundation has brought comfort and healing through music to the lives of thousands of people in Canada.
We would like to thank Deb Bartlett/Resource Lead/ Room 217 Foundation for the invitation to this event.