Eat Drink Man Woman For “Food on Film” with Susur Lee and Shahir Massoud@TIFF Bell LightBox-Wed.,June 7th.2017


TIFF Food On Film presented world class chef  Susur Lee,  who spoke about his restaurant legacy, the traditions and techniques that inspire him, and the culinary art that drove Ang Lee’s 1994 culinary classic, Eat Drink Man Woman. We were treated to delicious local bites before the event, provided by St Lawrence Market. Guests were treated to dumplings, gourmet chips and camel meat! I thought it was chicken, but it tasted a bit like camel?

Susur  Lee’s career has spanned decades.  Lee was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants and was recently named an ambassador for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.
Joining Susur Lee was guest interviewer-
Shahir Massoud. Shahir Massoud is the current co-host on CBC’s The Goods. Massoud is also the Corporate Executive Chef at Levetto, overseeing multiple locations all over Ontario. Massoud has made regular appearances on various Canadian morning and daytime programs including Cityline and Breakfast Television. Patrons were treated to a Q&A with Susur and Shahir, one of the things that Susur said was “Hospitality has to come from the heart. You cannot teach it, train it nor go to school for it. Every night I spend time being creative and thinking about recipes, I don’t focus on the spreadsheets. Success will follow when…”

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We would like to thank Rebecca from TIFF Communications Department for the invitation to this event.