July 03

Hiromi Duet: Featuring Edmar Castaneda@Koerner Hall-Wed.,June 28th,2017

Hiromi is well known for her technique and high-energy performances, the pianist style of musicianship is unprecedented. Her level of complexity and creativity is original and the composer who turns her music into an experience , Hiromi is one of jazz piano’s most unique virtuosic players capable of playing stride with speed and amazing accuracy.
website: http://www.hiromimusic.com

Joining her on stage was Edmar Castañeda https://www.edmarcastaneda.com/ Like Hiromi, Edmar is a virtuo and his command of the harp, Edmar Castañeda had the audience in awe, his style revolutionized the way audiences and critics alike consider the instrument. Transforming the harp playing lead, rhythm, and bass lines. Overall, a spirited Duet with Hiromi and Edmar.

We would like to thank Anna Tom for the invitation to this concert.