LG Holidays in July@Artscape Sandbox-Thurs.,July20th,2017

LG Electronics recently held it’s Holidays in July Media Tour, where they showcased an exciting lineup of their upcoming products. With such a selection of consumer electronics, more than we could hope to cover, here’s a sampling of some of LG’s tech toys to look out for and add to your wish list.

86SJ9570 86” 4K Super UHD Smart LED TV with WebOS 3.5

Super UHD Screenfill2

No, that is not a typo. We are actually talking a TV at a staggering 86” size. With 4K resolution providing a super sharp image, and Active HDR for the richest blacks & color contrast, the picture quality has to be seen to be believed. The audio experience is no less impressive with the Harmon Kardon Ultra Surround speakers. In both scale and technical precision, this TV delivers the most immersive home cinematic experience possible.

SJ8 Ultra Slim Sound Bar

SJ8 Side2

SJ8 lifestyle2

Still looking to take your audio experience to the next level? The SJ8 Sound Bar with accompanying sub woofer delivers robust 4.1 channel audio, and all in a super slim design to easily fit in with your LG TV for a sleek and stylish home theatre setup.

34UC89G-B 34” Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

34UC89G Zoom 02

For the PC enthusiast, this monitor has you covered. The 21:9 Ultrawide format (2560 x 1080) fully encompasses your field of view, for deeper gaming immersion. Featuring 144Hz display speed and Nvidia G-sync adaptive refresh technology, this monitor is built for the smoothest and most responsive gaming experience imaginable… you may even forget that your playing a game. Of course the benefits of the ultrawide format isn’t just limited to gaming; that extra screen real estate will really boost your productivity, letting you see more of your work space in applications for photo editing, video editing, web design, 3D rendering & animation, digital painting, or any graphics suite you use. Even having the room for multiple windows will make organizing your desktop a breeze.


What a beautiful phone this is, the sleek and thin form factor fits comfortably in your hand. The 5.7” 2880 x 1440 QHD screen gives you a stunning picture in your hand. Including a 13 MP camera, 4K recording & playback, this is the phone for your media-on-the-go.