August 24

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)-Aug.18th-Sept.4th,2017

By: Sorin Simniceanu and BK on the SCENE

What do acrobats, rock stars, fried mars bars and alpacas have in common? They were all found at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) which is taking place from August 18th to September 4th . In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, this year’s CNE emphasized Canada’s heritage and history through bringing in new Canadian acts, food and arts and crafts.

The CNE is one of North America’s oldest exhibitions, and this year it hosted world renowned musician and fellow Canadian Sam Roberts preceded by the opening act – Jane’s Party. The show took place at Bandshell Park and delivered a mellow and pleasant vibe which resonated with hundreds of dancing fans.
Other notable musician appearing this year included:Burton Cummings, Kiefer Sutherland, Colin James, I Mother Earth, John Kay&Steffenwolf, The Sheepdogs, USS and Brett Kissel.

Other memorable acts included the Rattles at the Molson Canadian Midway Stage. While walking in between the numerous acts, shows and rides, one could stop at a Tiny Tom’s where the deep fried mini donuts glazed with sugar icing and cinnamon offered the perfect snack. After your snack, one could check out some additional memorable shows such as; The Rush: Parkour Competitive Demonstrators, which offered an adrenaline packed show highlighting flips and dangerous stunts.

For those with small children, the Farm hosted a large petting zoo attracting families of all sizes. On the whole, the 150th Canadian anniversary edition of the CNE did not disappoint and reminded all attendees what it means to be Canadian!

We would like to thank Julie Schmidt,
CNE Media Relations and Holmes PR for the invitation to the 2017 edition of the CNE.