She Does the City! Nov 16 -19, 2017

By: Sorin Simniceanu

She Does the City celebrated their 10th anniversary with a weekend long pop-up. The event was sponsored by Knix Wear, Instax and United Way, among others. More importantly, She Does the City has partnered with United Way, promising a $10,000 giveback to help the organizations in this city who support women: Sistering, Planned Parenthood Toronto, YWCA Toronto, West Neighbourhood House and Eva’s Initiative. The event hosted a myriad of activities including; a Fujifilm photography panel, Sex and Comedy Stand-up night, Leaders in Canadian Film, Guided Magic Meditation and much more.


As I walked round the venue, mannequins could be seen rocking the latest in uber comfortable Knix Wear underwear, a multitude of delicious appetizers/pastries/finger food, live Dj Blush and multiple open bars. I then ended up at the Fujifilm booth where I was asked to try the new Fujifilm Instamax printer and Polaroid camera. I could see people using these gadgets for events just like this one. Bluetooth/wifi connectivity allows you to send pictures directly from your phone or camera to the portable printer for a real-time photo production.

After a few non-alcoholic cocktails (which were delicious btw) I decided to try my luck at the in-house tarot card reader, but sadly me winning the lottery is not in the books this year. This led me to the next monumental find… a live performance by the Canadian Opera.

Good food, music and a very eclectic atmosphere I would say made the 10th anniversary pop-up a night to remember leaving nothing to be desired. So Torontonians, what more could you ask for?