The Gentlemen’s Expo@M.T.C.C.-Friday Nov. 24th&Sat.,Nov.,25th 2017

By: Sorin Sim

What does shopping, wine, tweed, a culinary stage and boxing have in common? You could find them all and more at this year’s Gentlemen’s Expo. Some of Saturday’s honourable mentions were: Chef Tonia Wilson, Joe Carter & Robbie Alomar (center stage), Rachel Bies, Darcy Tucker & Curtis Joseph and Michelle Tham (head of education at Labatt Breweries of Canada). Plenty of exhibitors offered free samples for attendees to try out and one of my personal favourites were Elegance Gel, shirt studs and 6ix Man Grooming.

If you are more of an activity driven individual exhibitors offered indoor archery, all-inclusive VR experiences, racing and many more. My personal favourite exhibitor was False Ox. They are the purveyors of all natural, hand-crafted organic Shrubs and Switchels. Shrubs were the first cocktail mixer and it was delicious.

Yet another honorable mention for Saturday’s Expo goes to the Carnivore Club, a subscription based service which ships out a variety of home grown local meats enough to last any aficionado for a couple of weeks. By the end of the day, I could successfully report that I left the last day of this year’s Gentlemen’s Expo; entertained, well-fed and culturally fulfilled and I don’t think any gentleman can ask for more.

We would like to thank Davide De Laurentiiis for the invitation to this event.