December 10

ChAnGeR-Proposes he be the “Game-Changer!”

If hip-hop is a game, Hamilton-based hip hop artist ChAnGeR proposes he be the game-changer.

Nominated for three 2017 Hip-Hop awards in the Beat Producer, Compilation and Single of the Year categories, ChAnGeR brings to the table a new sound and point of view.

Once a single father at the age of 17, ChAnGeR writes from the perspective he knows best — a hard-working artist in a hard-working town navigating life’s challenges.

“Music for me is more than just a party,” says ChAnGeR. “It’s a medicine that heals.”

ChAnGeR is no stranger to adversity and using music to heal, grow, and inspire. The artist recently lost his mother, a primary source of his inspiration, and dedicates Keep Hip-Hoppin to her. “I used music as a vent. I had to express the frustrations, the pride, the hectic accomplishments and the disappointments of being a sole custodian and father from such a young age in this world.”

Music isn’t just front-facing for ChAnGeR. His first and foremost passion lays within his production studio, ChAnGeR Productions, a talent division which bears the fruit of his labour, having taught himself the skillset through trial and error for more than a decade.

Among his many musical outlays, critics have been hard-pressed to strictly categorize ChAnGeR and his dynamic fluidity represented in his music. Touching on influences as far-ranging as KRS-ONE and Eminem to Justin Timberlake, and then all the way to AC/DC before circling back to Big Pun, Dre and Timbaland, it’s clear that ChAnGeR creates a category all his own. He’ll share the stage with Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young / Hood Surgeon this Saturday, December 9th at The Smiling Buddha, Toronto ON

“For me, it’s not just music where I draw my influences,” shares ChAnGeR. “I reread Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich consistently and rework my own ideas and ideals to help keep me focused, driven and grounded.”