March 16

@Studio Event Theatre – SET-165 Geary Ave.-Fri.,March 16th.2018

Over the past three years, Irish 4 a Cure has raised nearly $45,000 to help fund kidney cancer research and patient support. This St. Patrick’s Day, we were invited to join this special event and we all want to find a cure.

An open bar-with Plenty of Green Beer! (& a fully stocked bar), Live Music & DJ, Games & Prizes and great swag with the #ir4ac logo.
Consider supporting the cause by making a direct donation (tax receipt issued). Every dollar donated will be MATCHED, up to $80,000, to fund much needed research starting this year. Donate now:

IRISH 4 A CUREIRISH 4 A CURE was inspired by Dale Miron, who battled stage IV kidney cancer for over 11 years. Kidney Cancer Canada not only provided a community of support, they also taught Dale to be an informed patient and advocate for her own health and access to treatments, which ultimately lead to a longer and more empowered life. Portrait of Dale Miron
L-Dale Miron, 1964-2014, R-Today’s #I4AC TeamBDA77F72-CEC7-4DC4-B696-97426AC0FFAD
In 2015 Dale’s daughter, Arlene Miron brought together a group of energetic volunteers and supporters to present IRISH 4 A CURE, a unique annual St. Patrick’s Day fund-raising event with all proceeds going directly to Kidney Cancer Canada.
To be a part of our lively, lucky Irish celebration. Find yourself amongst dynamic, young professionals, their families, friends, patients and supporters, together sharing in this fun, urban-cool, warm-hearted experience. Please join them in their fight to find a cure, email at

For more information about Kidney Cancer Canada, visit

We would like to thank Arlene Miron and Kulin Matchhar for the invitation to this event We look forward to this event in March 2019!