By: Bkonthescene


CHASE’s street art has added life and color to walls across the entire city for over two decades. On March 31st, he’s premiering a new solo show at Castelli Art Space, bringing his work indoors for a rare gallery exhibit, and for the first time ever, lighting it up, focusing on large-scale pieces inspired by the SoCal light and space movement, incorporating materials like glass, neon, fluorescent lights, resin and acrylic.

Though he’s originally from Belgium, Chase’s work has become an integral part of Los Angeles. It can actually be difficult to go out n’ about without coming across one of his murals—his emblematic “Chase Eye” can be found on walls in nearly every neighborhood.

He also recently has just completed all the happy sidewalks in WeHo:

Here are some of his iconic murals around LA:

“Into Light & Space” premieres at Castelli Art Space on March 31st.
This EPK previews some of the amazing new work:

As an immigrant who has made an undeniable contribution to our cultural fabric, his story is especially timely and influential to both the public and other aspiring artists alike!

Special thanks to Heidi Johnson for the invitation to the Castelli Art Space.