April 01

Ian Thomas@Hugh’s Room Live-Sat.,March 31st,2018

Story Teller, Comedian and of course Iconic Musican, is what his fans describe Ian Thomas.
We were invited to his intimate concert at Hugh’s Room Live on Saturday night.

“Painted Ladies” was an international hit in 1973 and over the years he has acquired a Juno award, four SOCAN classic awards for Painted Ladies, Right Before Your Eyes(performed with his daughter), Hold On and Pilot were the familiar songs that were performed to a capacity crowd during Easter weekend.

“The Runner”, which Thomas wrote after being moved by Terry Fox run across Canada to raise funds for Cancer research and covered by Manfred Mann, was a very heart felt story told by Thomas during his set.
The stories behind each song, put a perspective on the background and what a prolific song writer Ian Thomas he has been since 15 yrs. old.

Overall, going down “memory lane” with all the hits and hearing the story behind each song, brought us back to the heydays of the 70’s,80’s,90’s and 2000’s, and Ian Thomas has had a great career in the Musican business.
We would like to thank Jane Harbury
of Jane Harbury Publicity for the invitation to this event.
SET List:
Set 1:
1-Stash Some Time Away
2-Coming Home
3-Hold On
4-Dirty Love
5-Middle Aged Man Wearing a Speedo
6-One Little Word
7-Long Long Way
8-Little Dreams
Set 2:
1-Life Goes On
2-You’ve Gotta Know
3-The Runner
4-Hi Diddley
6-Right Before Your Eyes
7-Painted Ladies