May 20


With the Tastemasters taking place last weekend, what was my favourite item on the menu? The Cricket bars! Yes, delicious, packed with protein and minimal sugar. Also, the Pomengrande Ice Tea and specialty chocolates was a crowd favourite. Guests who purchased an “All-inclusive ticket” were able to sample away and enjoy from chefs, restaurants, wineries, and artisans.


Some of Toronto’s exceptional Chefs were on hand for a collaboration to produce a one-off menu. The Tastemaker Kitchen served as the main focal point of the event, where Chefs created their masterpieces in the kitchen and served iconic dishes for guests to taste. It brought together a curated selection of Toronto and Chicago’s top chefs, restaurants, and artisans. Tastemaker was the unique showcase of the city’s food and drink.


It was extremely crowded at the evening edition of the event and maybe that’s a queue to organize the event differently for 2019, but overall, great food, unique dishes and we enjoyed the specialty beverages.


We would like to thank Taylor Jantzi of Faulhaber Communications for the invitation.