May 28


Long Distance Love Prevails in Omega The Poet’s “Down In The East”

Long Distance Love Prevails in Omega The Poet’s “Down In The East”
The Charleston-Native’s Neo-Soul / alt. Rap Chill Track is Available Now!
“Sounds so chill… I like the vibe and the beat too.” — Starkiwft Playlist

“This is pretty cool… I dig the flow on this!” — PAUSER

“Really cool lyrics and voice…” — Rock the Pigeon

“LOVE the feel-good vibe!” — Born

“Definitely feeling this track… The flow is smooth and the lyrics well written, and for sure liking the chill hook too.” — undefined

“Omega is a really talented artist with a distinctive vocal tone” — Keep Walking Music

“Really like the visuals and flow” — Neptis

“Love his style, man! Dope tune!” — Clown Music
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Last year, neo-soul / alt-rapper Omega The Poet made a name for himself with his debut EP, The Kamasutra. His romantic idealism and unique stanza rap styles were fast faves when it came to early reception.

His new single, “Down In The East” — available now — is no different for the music master’s roster. “For the video, we wanted to emulate the chorus of the song as best we could,” reflects Omega on the creative process. The lyrics — ”Right now I got a lady down in the east; I’m out in LA but I hope she can see that she’s the one for me” — are a modern day long distance love letter if fans have ever heard one.

“In the video, me and my ‘lover’ are enjoying each other’s company and exploring a forest,” continues Omega The Poet. “The video has this grainy, VHS effect on it to give the feeling of reminiscing. I’m expressing my love for this woman and trying to get her to understand that, even though we may be miles apart usually, with her on the east coast and me on the west coast, that she should not forget the good times and know that I will be back for her soon, but as of now I am in a relentless pursuit to find my calling in the music industry.”

They say art imitates life, and Omega’s own relentless pursuit to find his calling is starting to take hold. The South Carolina-based artist has been featured in, Stereofox, TrapnChill, RKJ Music, SHARERIFF, EDM Charts, The Gate, and more.

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