June 07

RIOT (IRELAND) – For LUMINATO 2018 @Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre – Wed., June 6th, 2018

RIOT is funny, a crowd pleaser, uplifting and a great opening show for Luminato 2018,  combining dance, drag, circus, poetry, rap, spoken word and comedy, to create a unique theatrical experience. Add an 80’s theme with bright neon clothing, hairstyles, music (AHA, Visage and other hits of the 80’s) and they “nailed” down the look with the humour associated with that era.
The speeches/poetry were like a commentary of hope for the future, a celebration, a visual spectacle by the poet, hilarious moments and criticism of the world’s situation today. The hottest stars of Irish stage and screen include the all-star cast: Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss, Megan Riordan (star of Once – The Musical) and circus superstars Lords of Strut (Great Mullet by one brother&and an indescribable hair style by the other brother)
Audience participation was encouraged and volunteers were allowed to whip one of the brothers with sponge tubing. Part circus clowns and part acrobats , they never expected one of the audience participants to fall off stage while whipping one of the “Lord Of Strut” brothers, but all was good when the fallen lady dusted herself off and the show went on.
Another set back during the performance was  the power being shut down during one of the performers singing. But, “The Show Must Go On!” And go on it did . The female singer tried to improv her way through the power shortage and eventually, after a few minutes, the power came up and the performer didn’t really miss a beat with her performance.
Produced and directed by Dublin-based THISISPOPBABY (Jennifer Jennings and Phillip McMahon), RIOT took place at the historic Joey and K L Opera Centre. RIOT is a must-see event for the 2018 social calendar during Luminato.
We would like to thank Suzanne Cheriton of Red Eye Media for the invitation to this event.