June 10

The 2nd Annual O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo@The International Centre-Thurs.,June 7 – Sat.,June 9, 2018

It was the 2nd Annual conference and expo for O’Cannabis. O’Cannabiz explores the latest regulations, industry standards and best practices for medicinal and recreational marijuana. A ground-breaking event where patients, physicians, licensed producers (LPs), industry professionals and general public from across the world gathered to learn, network and advocate, while exploring the latest issues in Canada, with this country’s new legislation and outlook, the fall will see the future of cannabis and the budding Canadian market.
With changing legalization, Canada’s leading cannabis industry event offers perspective and insight into the marijuana industry.
There was some prominent Keynote speakers announced including a strong lineup of females.

The International Centre hosted this innovative business event from June 7-9, 2018, as the leading venue in exploring the future of legalized cannabis and the budding Canadian market, being sponsored by MNP and O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo presented by Tweed, returned to Toronto for a second year.

Named Canada’s leading cannabis industry event by High! Canada Magazine, the Conference and Expo featured over 100 industry speakers from across North America

This year was the first annual O’Cannabiz Hackathon, a competitive innovation event sponsored by Trellis Solutions Inc. Teams of multi-disciplinary hackers, including engineers and software designers worked for 24 hours straight to solve a challenge (revealed at the opening of the Hackathon), with the end goal to build a working prototype to present and pitch to a panel of judges.

The Conference’s Opening Keynote Speaker was Steve DeAngelo, Co-Founder and President of Arcview Group, a company formed to introduce investors to the cannabis community, and vice versa, who believes cannabis should be used to further personal wellness.

A total of 112 speakers were among those involved in the conference and with a strong contingent of female entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry including Tracy Ryan, CEO of CannaKids, a cooperative focused on supplying medical cannabis oil to patients of all ages; Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North Cannabis Co. and co-founder of Rethink Breast Cancer.

Plenty of seminars, keynote addresses as well as showcase more than 200 vendors and a variety of with workshops and merchandise.

Named  one of Canada’s Top 10 marketers by Marketing Magazine; Irie Selkirk, Market Actuator at Emblem Cannabis Corp, who combined cannabis advocacy and innovative vision to actively engage, competitively campaign, and provide education on cannabis and its products; Jodie Emery, outspoken activist and publisher; and Maya Elizabeth, CEO of Om Edibles who partnered with Whoopi Goldberg to create Whoopi & Maya, a signature line of medicinal products designed specifically for women.


The O’Cannabiz Sessions began on June 8, bringing together industry professionals, licensed producers, recreational users, patients and physicians for panel discussions and presentations on an expansive number of topics including branding and marketing, the medical market, business and investing, women in weed, finance, cannabis in the workplace, among others.

Sessions evolved around themes of Tech and Innovation, which have propelled this fast growing industry; Health and Wellness, which will explore de-stigmatization of cannabis and use in everyday life; and Post Legalization including the complexities and questions that will come along with this change and how legalized cannabis will affect society.
Session Highlights:
State of the Industry: Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis, Trina Fraser, Co-Managing Partner at Brazeau Seller Law and John Fowler, President and CEO of Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. discussed the lag between players’ readiness and the pace of government implementation, and who will benefit and lose out in various provincially-created marketplace scenarios.

Toke-nology: What’s New In Tech and Innovation: From newly developed high-yield LED lighting to “terpene isolation” technology borrowed from perfume labs to perfect the flavouring, inventors and innovators are turning their full attention to bringing marijuana to market with the newest techniques.

Post-Prohibition: What A Pot-Friendly Canada Means: Looking ahead to life after legalization, a panel of experts answered the questions concerning Canadians. Will those charged with cannabis offences have their records cleared? Is anyone liable for a cannabis smoker’s lost job opportunities and other criminal record ramifications? How will a new openness affect marijuana’s integration into everyday life? Will ‘stoner stigmas’ disappear?

Unpacking the Cannabis Act: The Law and What It Means for Consumers: Alongside permitting the purchase and cultivation of cannabis under certain conditions, the government

Also introduced were approximately 45 new criminal offences for which Canadians may be charged. This panel explored the good, bad, and ugly of the federal Cannabis Act and some of the differences in provincial regulations including restrictions on consumption and transportation.

Hemp and Cannabinoids in Beauty and Skin Disorders: The scientific studies published to date documenting the effectiveness of various cannabinoids. The therapy of common dermatological problems, including the appearance of aging, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Pre-Conference Bootcamp and Networking Breakfasts. The Newcomer Investors Networking Breakfast (June 8), The ‘Roll’ Models: Women Leaders in Cannabis Breakfast (June 9), and the O’Cannabiz Concert n’ Cocktail Party with a guest performance by Chilliwack (June 8).

O’Cannabiz is a cutting-edge exposition of technologies, products and services for cannabis and cannabis-related industry. Providing expert seminars and workshops, the conference is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for anyone looking to enter the commercial side of the cannabis community, understand its culture and realize its business potential.

The O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo was developed by the producers of Canadian Music Week, the Digital Media Summit, Radio Interactive Summit, and The Canadian Radio Music Awards. The O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo is sponsored by MNP LLP, one of the largest full-service chartered accounting and business advisory firms in Canada, and presented by Tweed, a Canadian cannabis company established to supply an unmatched selection of premiere marijuana and cannabis products as well as Big Ass Fans, CCI (Cannabis Compliance Inc.), Fafard, Hydropothecary, Indiva, Abcann, Montel, and Strainprint.

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We would like to thank Meagan Dolmage, and
Nicole Amiel of Holmes  PR for the invitation to this event.