June 22

“Who Knew” Marks New MusiHand-Drawn Video From Kalyna Rakel


Barrie-Area Singer-Songwriter Shares New Single Ahead of Fourth Release This June
“Has good soul” — Ear to the Ground
“Appreciate (this) lyric video!” — Destroy // Exist
“Really dug Kalyna’s vocals here” — Digital Tour Bus
“Magnificent production and impressive singing” — Indie Music Home
“The video is really cool! Love the vocals and the song sounds incredible” — Chill Therapy
“The combination of singing voice and harmonies was wonderful” — Niche Music
“The vocals are really amazing… The horn section is great” — Rock the Pigeon
“Really love her vocals” — RockDafuqOut
“Amazing track!” — Wolf in a Suit

Before & After You — June 15, 2018

“Who Knew” — June 11, 2018

With a budget of $12 — and cup after cups of coffee — “Who Knew” began to take shape in a holistically warm, endearing, and inventive way, much like the artist herself.

“The first step was to split all the lyrics into little one-sentence snapshots and to plan out how to write them and which words and visual elements to emphasize,” on the technical planning of the video. “Next it was about figuring different ways to move from one frame to the next.

It’s no accident that the movement gets more and more involved as it progresses, going from shifts to spins to flips to rips to match the intensity of the different sections. Rakel wanted viewers to feel they were watching one never-ending piece of paper, and try and make sense of how the whole thing was put together.

“Once the video was all mapped out, it was a long night and morning of cutting pieces of construction paper to the right size and writing the lyrics out along to a recording of the song slowed down to about 10 percent speed.

“We split it into sections, and there were a few little adjustments to timing in post-production,” she continues. “It was important that it feel fairly organic and like the whole thing was drawn in time to the song to create a rawness and intensity that you don’t get when you can fuss over every little detail. If you look carefully there are a few points where words are rushed or squeezed in to fit the borders.

“I love that, perfection is boring!”


Kalyna Rakel has a mind, voice, and vision all her own.

While many up-and-coming artists could be tempted to jump at a record deal offer, the Canadian singer/songwriter did the opposite, walking away from one and returning to basics, like teaching herself guitar and busking busy streets.

Her early success at age 16, which included airplay on Much Music, aided her self-confidence to go her own path, and releases previous to Before & After You — including Win Me Back, Joanne, and The Other Side — only confirm it.

“I’ve always done things my own way,” says Rakel. “As long as I have my tour van, “Daisy”, and my steel resonator guitar, “Handsome”, I’m good!”

That she is.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and media release.