August 06

Muskoka Comic-Con (The Muskokacon)-Saturday, Aug. 4,2018@The Bracebridge Memorial Arena

The first-ever Muskoka Comic-Con ( The Muskokacon )took place on Saturday, Aug. 4,2018 at the Bracebridge Memorial Arena, 169 James St.

Over 125 vendors from all over Ontario were in Bracebridge on Saturday. A great crowd had their  “geek on” and dresses up for the huge cosplay contest and there were live superhero wrestling at the show as well, also the legend behind the X-Men creator Chris Claremont, WWE Hall of Fame Bushwhacker Luke and Canada’s superhero Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely. This was one event not to miss and was super fun!

“We have an amazing line up of talent and attractions joining us in Bracebridge this Saturday, Aug. 4. We are very excited for the fans of Muskoka,” said Carmine De Santo, promoter of the Comic-Con.

Muskokacon strives to be Ontario’s best and truest comic con featuring fandoms of multiple genres. As longtime fans of comic books, toys, pop-culture, live wrestling cosplay, animation, sci-fi and fantasy, the promoter wanted to bring that style event to Bracebridge. The show comprised of  over 100+ comic book, live cosplay wrestling, retro toys, posters and pop-culture vendors from all over North America, comic guests, actors, attractions, cosplay contest and amazing door prizes.

Confirmed featured guests and attractions included:
·      Chris Claremont — legendary comic book writer and creator X-MEN;

·      Bushwhacker Luke — WWE Hall of Fame;


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·      Richard Comely — creator of Captain Canuck;

·      Leonard Kirk — comic book artist — Black Panther;

·      “Baby” Vehicle from Supernatural TV show on display;

·      Back to the Future Car — The DeLorean on display;

·      Gary Goodridge — UFC 8 Tournament runner up;

·      Power Rangers — blue and white;

·      Live superhero wrestling;

·      Cosplay contest.
We would like to thank Carmine De Santo, promoter of the Comic-Con for the invitation to this event and we look forward to the 2nd annual Bracebridge Comic-Con.

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