August 24

Halifax-based Christina Martin is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter ! Her New Album-“Impossible To Hold”,Out today-Friday, August 24th,2018!,and a number of East-Coast dates for now !

Halifax-based Christina Martin is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter whose style has been described as an effortless union between Americana and Rock. She has her brand new album, Impossible To Hold, out today, and a number of east-coast dates for now.

Following two years of touring across Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, The UK, Switzerland, Austria, France and Canada, Martin returned home briefly in 2016 to write her newest album.  A fervent anthem for those who are lost and longing, Lungs Are Burning was the first single from her album Impossible To Hold.  The first single was triggered by the rising Fentanyl drug crisis killing thousands of Canadians, with Christina’s lyrics set to music by her and Dale Murray.  With lyrics like “while I’m watching the babies” and “got to go out and get some, baby”, Martin captures the desperation of “chasing the dream” and the horror of living it.  Murray’s stately production brings that stark reality home with a bite.  She says, “The song is an modest attempt to bring light to the heavy topic of addiction, and reflects my own personal sense of loss, longing and a deep void, and the ache I feel from losing my brother and friends to addiction and mental illness.” For her Canadian tour dates, Christina has partnered with Center for Addiction and Mental Health to increase engagement and awareness.


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“Impossible To Hold” — August 24th

Tour dates:

August 24 – Tatamagouche NS,

September 6 – Alma NB – Holy Whale Brewery

September 14 – Halifax NS (RELEASE PARTY WITH BAND and Special Guest VILLAGES) – The Marquee Ballroom

September 21 – Ottawa ON – National Arts Centre

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