Friday Night Live @ ROM (Fri. Oct. 26, 2018)

by Jesse Read

On Friday I attended my Friday Night Live at The Royal Ontario Museum. The party was Wicked themed, promoted as weird, wacky and wicked and it sure didn’t disappoint. When I arrived there was a lineup that stretched all the way around the street corner, the museum was the place to be for a great Halloween party that night in Toronto.

Entering the Museum was like something straight from a movie, the place was packed with people dressed up in there Halloween best hanging around a two storey tall dinosaur skeleton. Little did I know, that not only was the main floor this full, it was the whole museum!

The pass for the event also got you into some really cool exhibits, one being their new “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” expo. This was an amazing addition to a lot of people’s nights, and made for a great break from dancing. I’ve never seen a spider that had scared me in my life…up until that night! Visitors were also allowed to roam through other sections of the museum, including the dinosaur exhibit, which makes a pretty amazing backdrop for a drink with friends.

The cherry on top for this event was the music. On the upper floor The Jester Trio roamed the exhibit, playing popular tunes and encouraging visitors to join in on the fun, often passing the mic to the dressed up patrons. On The main floor, Psychobilly Band “The House of Haunt” had hundreds…maybe thousands (I have no idea the capacity of the museum, but there were more people than I had ever expected to see in one) of party goers moving their feet.

They made the perfect entertainment for a Halloween event. Seeing this many people, from every walk of life, dancing and having fun while in this kind of setting, surrounded by T-Rex’s and Tarantula’s was a surreal moment. All in all, I could not recommend the Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Party more, and can’t wait to attend another. What a great way to visit the museum!