November 19

Apryll Aileen Says “Don’t Make Me Wait” Canadian Singer/Songwriter Releases Modern 80s / 90s Pop Bopper She Wrote in the MIDDLE of a Party!

Apryll Aileen Says “Don’t Make Me Wait”
Canadian Singer/Songwriter Releases Modern 80s / 90s Pop Bopper She Wrote in the MIDDLE of a Party!
“Impressive vocals!” — First! Playlists
“She doesn’t imitate, she creates… A dynamic range and vocal gravel
Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin would be proud of.” — Tinnitist
December 4th — Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Canadian alternative pop rock singer-songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist Apryll Aileen’s new single “Don’t Make Me Wait” — a modern day blend of the 80’s and 90’s pop in all the right ways — was worth just that.

“The day before Valentine’s Day, my friend Andrea invited me over to her friend Perry’s place, who I had never met,” says Aileen. “When I walked into his house, I was instantly drawn to the upright piano.”
Aileen is a classically trained pianist, among her many talents.
“My heart is always so full of love in Venice Beach and this night was no exception,” she continues. “As soon as I sat down, I started writing the hook for the song. Perry came over and started giving ideas and by the next day we had full song. Turns out his brother Marty, is a producer. We went into West LA and laid down the track and that’s how this song came to me – through serendipity and no expectations.

“That’s how love should be.”


Then love-struck anthem features Aileen’s signature sultry vocals, captivating lyrics and alluring stage presence, as featured in “Don’t Make Me Wait”s accompanying video.

“I first fell in love with music in my teenage years when I traveled to the Ukraine for piano master classes. I realized music was a language that connected the world. When I write songs, I think of the collective voices that others feel but can’t express.”

“Don’t Make Me Wait” is no exception to her rule. With soulful vocals, hooky melodies and raw emotion, Aileen’s songwriting is inspired by real life events. “From pain to finding inner strength through love, my songs take the listener on a journey through their own inner landscape of being.”

She spends the majority of her time performing and writing music between the quiet solitude of Atlantic Canada and the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. When she is not in either, she is usually found on the Venice Beach boardwalk, SoCal style, where her boho spirit and love for the sun and ocean collide.

Her new pop single “Don’t Make Me Wait” is available now!
We would like to thank Eric Alper for the press release and artist profile.