November 20

CAMH Engage Fundraiser Event – Friday, November 16, 2018 TORONTO@The Thompson Hotel

By Sally Warburton

“Ignite the Conversation – Mental Health is health” The Breakthrough Challenge celebrationwas an exciting place on November 16 where the sold out CAMH Engage fundraiser was held.

The CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) Engage fundraiser is the culminating event of The Breakthrough Challenge. It’s the Award evening of the $10,000 research grant to a CAMH researcher. Dr. Juvieria Zaheer, Dr. Gwyneth Zaiand Dr. Kevin D. Shield were the three research finalists. After learning about CAMH’s three most promising researchers involved in the The Breakthrough Challenge, attendees votedusing the App on cellphones.

They voted for the researcher whose research on mental health they felt would be most beneficial. Congratulations to Dr. Juvieria Zaheer who was the winner with her important research on suicide prevention.

Tickets for the event included an open bar, delicious hors-d’oeuvres served throughout the evening, fantastic DJ music, fun photo booth and a wonderful atmosphere on the first floor bar event area of the prestigious Thompson Hotel.  CAMH doctors, researchers and other employees, family, friends, CAMH supporters and general public were all there to celebrate CAMH and to have a good time in a beautiful place.

As guests left, they were given a generous swag bag and had a happy feeling for having supported CAMH Mental Health. They were happy to have enjoyed a wonderful evening and to now better understand that Mental Health is Health. “Ignite the conversation – Mental health is health. “

We would like to thank Erin Taylor for the invitation to this event.