Cakes Cove hosts Christmas Eat Everything confectionery party (Holiday Eat Everything Room) -1074 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto -Tue. Nov. 20, 2018

Photography By Jesse Read

We were invited to an amazing holiday party at “CAKES COVE”, the schedule including an Edible Room, Holiday chocolates and other sweet displays. Then attendees had the opportunity to eat the room… ornaments and all the Cupcake decorating with Sam Lapointe, Confectionery Chef, Chocolatier and Cake Designer

Sam Lapointe, the mad scientist, owner and designer behind Cakes Cove showcased a variety of edible Christmas confections and chocolates. There was just too much to enjoy as we ate the Edible Room that she has designed for the festive season.

Sam is into just about every fandom. She had a Star Wars themed wedding, loves Mass Effect, and the Last Night On Earth board game. She believes good food, and fandoms will save the world. Cakes Cove has been featured on George Takei Presents, BlogTO, Narcity and How To Cake It and has catered to film and production companies and Fan Expos’s green room with her renowned chocolates, cakes and cookies.

She can design each dessert to suit the unique personality of each individual and event. Some of her unique projects have included a life-sized Star Wars droids, cakes that hang from the ceiling and wearable suits of chocolate armour.

We would like to thank Vince Ciarlo of Ciarlo Communications for the invitation to this event.