November 29

Canadian Sri Lankan Refugee Marcus Haran Releases Deeply Personal Debut Hip Hop/Trip Hop EP

Canadian Sri Lankan Refugee Marcus Haran Releases Deeply Personal Debut Hip Hop/Trip Hop EP

Inspired by Vast Symbolism & Experiences with Vitiligo, Abuse, and as a Child Drug Mule, A True Story: A Soundscape to In-Difference Runs Deep on Roots & Retrospect


“Really impressed me” — Canadian Dope
“Marcus Haran’s vocals caught my ear and attention” — Esydia

Marcus Haran: A True Story, A Soundscape to In-Difference

Marcus Haran has released A True Story: A Soundscape To In-Difference — available now via Toronto-based music company, The Commission Entertainment Corp.

The 10-track conceptual album stands as Haran’s debut EP, and is a real, raw, truth-telling tome amidst a 360 degree immersive soundscape.

Inspired by the vast symbolism — ancient, Vedic, astrological, energetic and numerological — of planets in the universe, Haran’s otherworldly sound traces his cultural roots and journey into Toronto, including jazzy hints from Paris, and chopped-up flutes from Sri Lanka.

The compelling story behind Haran includes being a Parisian-born Sri Lankan refugee, having vitiligo, painful childhood memories of being used as a drug mule, and experiences with depression, abuse, and embracing his skin condition.

Haran has harnessed this life experience and then some to tell his story of overcoming adversity; his social movement is In-Difference, where all differences are celebrated, owned, and encouraged to create a brighter, brave new world.

“It’s an album based around all my trauma and downfalls in life,” says Haran on A True Story: A Soundscape to In-Difference. “It’s about bringing them to light and focusing on the characteristics of the planets that have been a representation of everything I’ve been through.”

Told from the chronological perspective of childhood to present day, the intros create a direct relationship with the audience and provide insight into the mind, emotion and timeline in that leads to each track.

In “Saturn” audiences hear coming of age challenges; the track speaks to a memory Haran uncovered with Umbereen (MSW) during their creative writing process where Haran would hide in the closet, witnessing abuse, and how he used the light of the world to get beyond it.

“Saturn’ was that moment with my father…” he recalls, “and running away from the abuse.”

The red-hot storm that is “Jupiter” represents Haran’s experiences with his skin condition vitiligo and his ability to overcome what could be perceived as obstacle by accepting and loving himself. “Jupiter’ represents being able to face my fears and breaking through and shedding a layer of my old skin in order to love and accept my new.”

“Pluto” — being the planet of change — represents a new turn for Haran where he embarked on a spiritual and grounding journey, understanding it was his pain and adversities that led him to want to inspire and help the world.

“Venus” serves as the universal symbol of love. “Venus’ is the understanding and accepting of how to love myself before others,” he says, speaking to the ultimate gift that is the true guiding light and force in Haran’s life.

In Roman mythology, Mars is depicted with a spear. “This planet depicts how I overcame huge obstacles — fighting through situations and emotions which could have ended it all,” he says. “In Mars,’ it shows I’m asking life for another chance and apologizing for being late.”

A True Story: A Soundscape To In-Difference is available now.
We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and press release.