January 27

From Sundance at The Fly Lounge! Avril Lavigne and Macy Grey Smile it Up and Perform Amongst the Best of CBD, Beauty, and Tech

Photo Credits-Aaron Fedor

Greetings from Sundance! We’ve been on the ground at The Fly Lounge and we couldn’t be more excited about to be on the ground. We’ve been experiencing everything from the best in beauty via GBY, tech with folks like Aritheum, AR Wall, Jet Life, The Wild Immersion and more. We’ve even had some pretty boss CBD thanks to the folks at Ojai Energetics and Muscle MX CBD.
But that’s by day, by night we’ve been privy to some pretty bitchin’ events courtesy of those sponsors. Our favorite moment from last night? Avril Lavigne and Macy Grey doing a duet on The Fly Lounge Stage.
Avril Lavigne and Macy Grey Smiling Backstage Before Performing at The Fly Lounge
Avril Lavigne and Macy Grey Performing On Stage at The Fly Lounge
We would like to thank  Alexa Oliphant Of Platform Group for the press release and artist profile.