The Best Venue Experience in Park City with Beauty, Tech, VR, CBD, Panels, After Parties and Celebrity Sightings

Park City, UT February 05, 2019 – Fly Lounge by Airtherium flew a round-trip in and out of Park City for Festival week, but not without leaving a contrail of amazing parties, experiences and celebrities in its wake turbulence.

If five short days, the Fly Lounge hosted five parties for official Sundance selections, accompanied by their casts and crews, which included PREMATURE (Zora Howard, Joshua Boone, Michelle Wilson and Executive Producer Susan Kelechi Watson (This is Us); MOPE (with David Arquette and Nathan Stewart-Jarrettat); LIGHT FOR LIGHT (with Jim Gaffigan); Indie Episodic Selection OF MICS AND MEN (With Wu-Tang Clan); and the documentary JAWLINE (winner of the Sundance Special Jury Award for an Emerging Filmmaker, directed by Liza Mandelup), with DJ Palmbomen II.

Other celebrity guests included Mark Margolis(festival hit ABE, Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad); Macy Gray and Avril Lavigne; David Arquette; Corey Feldman; and comedian Ryan Hamilton.

Festival perennial The Creative Coalition hosted their annual “Teachers Making a Difference Luncheon,” with TCC President Tim Daly (“Madam Secretary”); host Richard Kind (“Red Oaks,” Inside Out); moderator MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell (“The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”); Lucy Alibar (Troop Zero, Beasts of the Southern Wild), and her teacher Dr. Kyle Bostian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Walton Goggins (Them That Follow, “Justified”) and his teacher Harry Mastrogeorge from Los Angeles, California.

1.29.2019 Bartender Recharge Sundance 154

Wu Tang Clan at Bartender Recharge, Photo Credit, Miguel Mendoza

CBD ruled Park City this year, and sponsors Ojai Energetics brought “molecular chef” Marcel Vigneron to The Fly Lounge on Saturday to serve hemp flower smoke wagyu beef cheeks with CBD aioli, lemon and vanilla cbd gummies and vegan/gluten free chocolate coconut squares infused with CBD coconut oil. Then three—count ‘em, three–Michelin Star chef Tony Esnault of Church and State LA flew in Tuesday for Wu-Tang’s performance at Boneyard to serve CBD infused beet salad and CBD-infused mango vanilla coconut desserts to the band in the green room during the annual “Bartender Recharge (#bartenderrecharge)” event celebrating the best of Utah’s bartenders at “a party for us.”

By day, the lounge proffered a daily brunch for the lounge’s screenings of films including Academy Award Winner Malcolm Clarke’s BETTER ANGELS, Conroy Kanter’s TRAFFICKED and others. Sponsors provided everything from GBY Beauty’s Swarovski tooth bling and eyelash extension treatment, to CBD focused muscle pain relief creams Muscle MX, and even relaxing sound baths from Holistic Health Science (which proved to be incredibly popular).

1.29.2019 Bartender Recharge Sundance 167

Wu Tang Clan at Bartender Recharge, Photo Credit, Miguel Mendoza

Departed from this luxurious haven, but still very much in The Fly Lounge, up and coming tech giants like Airthereum shined with exciting new Blockchain technology, while Film Coin showcased the future of funding film production with crypto currency. It wasn’t all business in the tech department though, with the venue’s demo room providing nonstop experiences showcasing the newest content in 360 VR and AR storytelling. The Wild Immersion, endorsed by Jane Goodall, revealed the world’s first “virtual reserve,” which uses VR to share an unrivaled 360-degree journey into nature’s majestic territories. Other firms taking part including AR Wall, which excited visitors and encouraged them to be a flying dragon for a day.

Amongst all of this tech and luxury, were dozens of panels that dealt with everything from women in the entertainment industry to funding for cannabis companies. One of the stars of these panels included Serqet Media Productions, who are currently striving to create new storytelling medium for all generations.

The Fly Lounge brought movers and shakers across multiple industries through its doors during the festival season with a little bit of something for everyone to explore. The team strived to bring a worthy and interesting experience to all attendees whether they were a celebrity, business investor, or enthusiastic film lover. The Fly Lounge no doubt made a tremendous impression in its first year and is looking forward to further bringing the best in venue experiences to Park City in 2020.

Macy and Avril Money shot

Avril Lavigne and Macy Gray Backstage at The Fly Lounge Powered by Airthereum, Photo Credit: Aaron Fedor


Pictures (photo credit Aaron Fedor