April 12

Canadian / US Group HuDost Tackle Religious Systems, Women’s Spirituality & Oppression in Powerful New Video “Burning Church” Is Latest Single off New Album, Of Water + Mercy — Available Now!

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July 26 – 28 @ Islands Folk Festival, Duncan BC
August 16 @ Bhakti In The Woods Festival, Ladysmith QC

HuDost, the husband-wife-fronted band known for weaving a seamless tapestry of folk, world and rock music, have released their thought-provoking music video for “Burning Church.” Click here to watch the moving video for the latest single from their forthcoming full-length album, Of Water + Mercy — available now.

HuDost’s Moksha Sommer says: “For so long there has been dispute between patriarchal religious systems and women seeking to claim their spirituality without oppression. This song is a plea to burn down unjust beliefs that prevent empowerment and love from being the basic rights of spiritual seekers; whatever their gender. So often, the peaceful teachings of religions are negated by the shackles of their own dogmas. I ask that injustice be smashed upon the rock of truth and that love and support be re-embraced. It is a dialogue instead of a fight. It is an outcry to rise to love.”

Throughout the eight tracks on Of Water + Mercy—which marks the eighth full-length studio album from the band led by its core musicians of Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines—there’s a rich, eclectic blending of pop and rock with a sound that crosses all borders and barriers, taking the listener on a journey.

Earlier this year, HuDost teamed with Parade.com to premiere the official music video for “The River Lost” which had Laura B. Whitmore noting it’s “…a sweet and flowing song …and its accompanying video are soothing, with gorgeously lush vocals and a lovely setting.”

Recorded at Gray Matters Studio in Nashville, TN, Of Water + Mercy was mixed by Vance Powell (Brandi Carlile Jack White/White Stripes, Pearl Jam, etc…). Additionally, all the Jars of Clay band members can be heard in various moments throughout the new album. Moreover, the album’s anthemic and uplifting lead single, “Rise Together,” was co-penned by Sommer, Hines and Jars of Clay lead vocalist Dan Haseltine.

Having toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe consistently since April 2006, HuDost’s highlight performances include Bonnaroo, Resident band at FloydFest, BhaktiFest, World Café Live, Blissfest, Music City Roots, The Montreal Folk Festival and much more. HuDost have grown and expanded, travelled rocky and glorious terrain and marvelled at all they can learn and explore. Moksha and Jemal Wade in this time have grown as artists, as seekers, as a couple, and as a family.

Track listing for Of Water + Mercy:

“Burning Church”
“Rise Together”
“Benevolence Day”
“The River Lost”
“Love Twice as Strong”
“Red Haired Son”

// About HuDost

The music of HuDost weaves a seamless tapestry of folk, world, and rock cultivating the nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts and invoking total celebration. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommerand Jemal Wade Hines. Having toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe constantly since April 2006, HuDost has grown and expanded, travelled rocky and glorious terrain and marveled at all they can learn and explore. Moksha and Jemal Wade in this time have grown as artists, as seekers, as a couple and as a family. Since 2015 they have also been highly engaged activists, doing advocacy work as KY Congressional District Representatives for ONE (a non-profit organization working to end extreme poverty and, specifically, the sexism of poverty).
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