May 02

WILLIE@HOT DOCS CINEMA-Mon.,April 29th,2019

Willie – A documentary about a man with the universal wisdom to overcome adversity in it’s most primal form. Racism. Presented is a man that is not only able to overcome the roadblocks in his own life but has the tools to teach others what he knows.

The director Laurence Mathieu-Leger shows us a man not full of anger or bitterness but a man full of graciousness and gratitude. The motivation and inspiration we get from Willie are brought forth as we watch his life through the way he lives and what he teaches. This is what this film makes clear.

Although this Doc is about a Black man breaking the color barrier not only in the NHL in the late ’50s but also includes Willie getting his first haircut in a white Barbershop in Fredericton N.B. It is so much more than that. It is the story of inner strength when every bone in your body wants to strike out at the hate. Overcoming diversity, yes Willie’s is more obvious to most of us. The message he brings is about overcoming any adversity. His message is strong and universal.

This film needed to be made. Not just to tell Willie’s story, though it most certainly does that, but also that need of a truly great story for those trying to overcome their own personal adversities. This Documentary is able to bring that message to the forefront. Listening to Willies story is inspirational and a must watch for years to come. Thank you to the subject, the talents, and the abilities of the Filmmakers. Well done!