May 03


Gordon Lightfoot is Gordon Lightfoot. When you hear his first album or his more recent material, it’s Gordon Lightfoot. A craftsman in the art of Singer-songwriter. What we get from watching this documentary is that of a man, through his songs and lyrics, honing his craft as he expresses the inner thoughts of his life and life around him.

We watch how the songs he has written are interwoven into and out of his life. This isn’t a Bio doc with an in-depth personal investigation point of view. It’s more of an in-depth look into how life affects the man who has a deep commitment to his craft, mixed with a poets ability to observe the human condition.

The music is the driving theme of this documentary. As Co-Directors – Producers Joan Tosoni and Martha Kehoe stated, this is their take on the man, the artist and his contribution to the arts. Through this musical ride, we get a peek into the artist we know and don’t know.

Do you have to be a fan of Lightfoot’s music to watch this? I believe any fan of his music, even a casual fan will enjoy what this doc offers. I would like to see it again actually. If you’ve never heard of him before, this Doc may not make you a fan, although there is lots of music, so it is possible, the quality of the film will make you watch it to the end.

If you have never understood the adulation Gordon Lightfoot has received from not only his peers, and Canada but the world, you should have a better sense of why it is so well deserved after watching this well executed Documentary.

A film made by fans, for fans, ya for sure. A film that captures the skill of a great artist for time to watch? I believe they did that also.