May 05

The Trial of Ratko Mladic@Hart House-Mon.,April 29th,2019

The ‘Trial of Ratko Mladic’ is a compelling documentary that takes us inside the largest trial argued before the UN’s International Court of Justice at The Hague since the Nuremberg Trials of 1945.  The man standing before the court, as the title tells us, is Ratko Mladic, nicknamed “The Butcher of Bosnia.”
The filmmakers take full advantage of unprecedented access to the processes involved in this lengthy trial, which lasted five years from its start until Mladic’s eventual conviction.  This film truly is about the tests of the human players, their roles and the effects they can have. It also reveals the incredible work involved in collecting evidence and the toll it takes on the people involved.  Searching for and finding massacre sites, interviewing eyewitnesses and sifting through evidence affects even the most hardened of prosecutors.  
The trial started almost 20 years after the events, making the collection of that evidence that much harder.  We also watch as witnesses must now relive the past with a recollection that is heart-wrenching.  Directors Henry Singer and Rob Miller also give us an equally compelling look at the Defence’s side, and both sides are candid about their strategies to win.  They also had access to the judges which provided another perspective of the human side of a very dehumanizing event.  The success of this movie is not just the story of the trial and justice systems at work, but more importantly the human story.