May 08


Tommaso Buscetta, aka-Don Masino, turned state’s evidence and his testimony led to the conviction of over 400 Mafiosi in Italy and the United States, and he became the first Mafia boss to ever turn his back on Cosa Nostra.
Buscetta became disenchanted following the murder of a number of allies and family members, including two sons, Buscetta – turned state’s witness after more than 40-years in the crime organization in South America , Italy, Canada and USA.
Turning his back on the mafia In 1986, the Italian gangster entered a specially constructed bunker-courtroom to provide crucial testimony at the Maxi Trial that took down the crime syndicate and led to the conviction of over 400 mafiosi across both Italy and the U.S. in the largest anti-mafia operation. His testimony and “turncoat” made him the Mafia’s most wanted man and the most endangered witness in U.S. criminal history. Buscetta was sent to the U.S. under a new identity and citizenship in the Witness Protection Program, where he remained until his death in New York in 2000.

That’s the story line of Mark Franchetti and Andrew Meier’s feature-length film Our Godfather, which included interviews with his widow, law enforcement agents son and daughter, the story is also told with home made movies, old family photographs and media archives. Quite an interesting story about a reputed mobster and the life he lived in his early days and when he was in the witness protection program where he was “walking on egg shells.”