May 20

The Royal Conservatory Celebrates 50 years Of Lighthouse@Koerner Hall-Tues.,May 14th,2019

By Wayne Baggs
Lighthouse played their first ever concert at The Royal Conservatory. Celebrating 50 years of making and playing music with the city they started in. It was a great night to be a Lighthouse fan. The audience, made up mostly of fans from Lighthouses heydays of the early ’70s, was pumped from the start. The big hits just kept on coming, starting with You Girl, finishing the night with Broken Guitar Blues. Before the second half began Mayor John Tory showed up, to an appreciative audience, declaring May 14th official Lighthouse day in Toronto. To get the full Lighthouse sound, the second half of the night began with the addition of four string players. They are leading up to the highlight of the night, Don Paulton’s “1849”. Another bonus was a soulful rendition of Motherlodes When I Die, written by sax player Steve Kennedy. A little later they also introduced four more top horn players to the mix for a powerful rendition of One Fine Morning. Awashed with the sound of top players in the excellent acoustics of Koerner Hall, what is not to like. They had the audience into it from start to finish. After thousands of shows, there is a feeling that they know what they are doing. On May 15th Lighthouse received an Honorary Fellowships, the Conservatory’s highest honour. Click on the link below to watch the full celebration, including vintage videos and the Mayor’s presentation.
Lighthouse: 50 Years of Sunny Days
Lighthouse: 50 Years of Sunny Days by The Royal Conservatory on Livestream –
We would like to thank Barbora Krsek for the invitation to this event.