June 01


By Wayne Baggs
Frédéric Tcheng, the director, crafts a unique approach to the mysterious life of Roy Halston Frowick, the fashion designer who dreamed of dressing “all of America.”
The result is an enthralling character study of a fashion genius. The immense amount of research into the subject is evident from the archival footage to the recent uncomfortable interviews. Also apparent is the amount of trust the participants in the movie had to of had as their candidness reveals.
Tcheng shows us Halston from the little boy in Des Moines, Iowa to Halston at the hight of the fashion world, a one-name sensation like Chanel, Dior, Valentino. From there comes the deal with the devil. Halston was in control of every aspect of his art and would soon learn that his contract to “dress every woman in America,” would give him the exact opposite.
Spiral to the bottom from there is inevitable it seems. Halston is an excellent documentary study of the man and his world. A fantastic story told in an engaging style. I would have to highly recommended.
We would like to thank K2 Publicity to the Inside Out Film Festival and we look forward to the event in 2020.