Marshall Pots NEW Single, “Didn’t I”

Marshall Potts is standing up for himself. In more ways than one.

“Didn’t I Warn You”, the introductory single — available now — from the veteran Canadian singer-songwriter’s upcoming album That’s How It Starts (June 21, 2019), is more than just a breakup song laced with radio-ready roots-rock hooks: It’s an anthem of self-reliance.

“It’s really about taking responsibility,” Potts explains from his home near the ‘center of the universe’ — Kamloops, British Columbia. “Figuring yourself out. Realizing you’re creating your own problems. We blame others because they didn’t love us enough. But why did you walk into that situation? You should have known. You saw every red flag in the path. So it’s not their fault they didn’t love you; it’s your fault you didn’t love yourself enough to pick someone that would treat you better.”

It’s a path Potts knows only too well. After years of giving and people-pleasing precipitated major health and life crises that left him physically and emotionally spent, he upended his life, setting off on a ‘trip inside’ — a spiritual journey toward healing and acceptance.  

His personal and musical growth are written all over “Didn’t I Warn You.” They’re front and centre in the song’s unflinchingly revealing lyrics and tenderly urgent vocals, of course. But they’re also found in the chiming, interlaced arena-rock guitars that are his signature — augmented by a mandolin countermelody that adds a bluegrass touch to the affair, as if Lindsey Buckingham and U2 joined forces with R.E.M. at their rootsiest.

Written, recorded and produced on his own, Potts’ That’s How It Starts is the ultimate expression of his hard-earned self-reliance. Arriving this summer, it’s a disc about moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment and living in the here and now. Making it has changed him. Listening to it may well change you.

Consider yourself warned.

“Didn’t I” is available now. That’s How It Starts is available June 21st.

We would like to Thank Eric Alper for the media release.