June 02

Cuisine & Cuvée@Rebel-Fri.,May 31st,2019

Photography By A.J.Lam and BKonthescene.
It was an evening of delicious food, great wine, and amazing spirits, for a great cause!
This year’s Cuisine & Cuvée raised $230,000 for Providence Healthcare! The event returned to a favourite Toronto venue, REBEL, all in support of Providence Healthcare.



This year’s theme challenged the guests to “Dressed to impress!” Now in its 19th year, Cuisine & Cuvée is one of the hottest tickets in the city! This party with a purpose brought 1,000+ guests, friends, sponsors and donors together in the spirit of community and, of course, an “all-inclusive” evening of great food, great wine, and great spirits.



During this year’s Cuisine & Cuvée, guests were encouraged to take the STRENGTH IS Challenge! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the use of only one arm? For many of the patients, this is a daily reality.  So in honour of the patients at Providence, guests were encouraged to participate in the STRENGTH IS Challenge. The STRENGTH IS Challenge booth was just inside the main event space and people who went inside the booth attempted to put on ties, necklaces and bracelets with just one hand!
#StrengthIsChallenge @MyProvidenceTO



Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford was the VIP Celebrity Chef for the Premier Sponsors, and as part of the VIP Experience, it included an intimate, elegant food and wine tasting experience. Chef Lynn is known as one of the top chefs in the country and is the owner of the critically acclaimed restaurant Ruby Watchco.


















We would like to thank Angela La Gamba-
Digital and Social Media Specialist from The Providence Healthcare Foundation for the invitation to this event.