July 07

Drive-By Truckers@Lee’s Palace-Wed.,July 3rd,2019

By Wayne Baggs
Lots and lots of touring, the right old fashion way of becoming one of the best live rock bands out there today. Since the formation of The Drive-By Truckers in 1996 only two original members remain. Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley are sharing lead vocal and guitar duties.

They are also the primary songwriters. They are kept tight by drummer Brad “The EZB” Morgan since 1999 and bassist Matt Patton who joined in 2012. Rounding off the sound is Jay Gonzalez, keyboards and guitar, adding the beauty of the three guitar attack. On this first night of a three-night stint, Drive-by Truckers kept the peddle to the metal.

Starting with the first two songs off their fifth album, 2004’s The Dirty South, Where The Devil Don’t Stay, and Tornadoes gave us a taste of what we were about to experience. Over three hours and a twenty-eight song set, this is live rock at it’s best. Lee’s Palace crowd was in full rock mode.

The music matches the aggressive commentary of their Southern American roots. Based out of Athens, Georgia and raised in Alabama does give them a insiders perspective of all they rile against with their insightful lyrics. Loud and non-stop, the way it should be. Going from one song to the next with no time for applause, it was fantastic.

Hood and Cooley managed to get a few words in between songs, but not much. Sounds Better In A Song was a great example of DBT dialling it back for a song. Rock isn’t dead if you are listening to Drive-By Truckers. A must see live band whose albums are pretty dam good also.

My only regret was not seeing them for the next two nights. The reason being the setlists for all three night were utterly different. The first night had no covers. The Second-night as well as doing many different songs of their own, DBT covered The Ramones, KKK Took My Baby Away and Jim Carroll’s, People Who Died. The Third-night DBT again did many different songs of their own and covered Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love, KKK one more time, and Neil Young’s Rockin In the Free World. I’d love to see them do Hurricane. But eh! I’ll see them every chance I get, you never know.