July 18

Guitar Week 2 – Hurricane Ruth with Scott Holt@Hugh’s Room-Sun.,July 14th,2019

By Wayne Baggs
Good old ballsy blues belted out by Hurricane Ruth was offered up at Hugh’s Room Live for Week Two of Guitar Week. Scott Holt is the guitar connection. Born and bred in Tennesse, Scott plays with a spiritual loudness honed from a ten-year stint with Buddy Guy.

Looks great on paper! BLUES, straight rockin’ ballsy blues. Pumped out by a band that plays it, feels it and loves it. Ruth LaMaster fully earned “Hurricane.” Singing as if she came from somewhere that won the Stanley Cup this year or something. (St. Louis) Jeeeez. When you combine that with a blues player of Scott Holt’s talent. Back that up with bassist Calvin Johnson and drummer Ray Gonzalas you’ve got as good as it gets.

Originals, with nods to old and new great songs, was the setlist. Ruth sings with such power and soul you have to listen. Scott ‘s cover of Wild Horses was a moment of spiritual loudness, often played but not like this often. As part of Hugh’s Room Live’s first #GuitarWeek in partnership with Long & McQuade (Toronto) and D’Addario Canada.

We would like to thank Jane Harbury for the invitation to Guitar Week.