July 27


Luke Cyrus Hunter Pays Homage To Retro Canadian Hip Hop In New Single, “Old School Jams”

“‘Old School Jam’ sounds amazing. The melodies have a quirky sound and the vocals know to impress. Luke is very talented!” — Lefuturewave
“Really interesting track… Loved the instrumentals” — Tongue Tied Magazine
“Nice production and lyrics!” — K12 JAMZ
“Like the confidence and funk” — EarToTheGround Music
“Cool video” — West Coast Chill
“Really decent instrumentation on this song” — Soul Fusion Radio
“A soulful homage and fun spin” — LA On Lock

Canadian Mix Master Luke Cyrus Hunter Pays Homage to Retro Hip Hop & R&B
Toronto-Based Artist’s New Single “Old School Jam” Highlights Local Scene of Yesteryear

Canadian mix master Luke Cyrus Hunter is paying homage to retro funk, hip hop and R&B in his new synth-groove-infused single, “Old School Jam” — available now!

The Toronto-area musician mixes analog keyboards with modern digital sounds, and presents a quirky, danceable, fun and fitting tribute to the original 70s-era R&B-ers and 80s-era hip hoppers of his hometown.

“I can remember when hip-hop was new, and artists like Rob Base, Run DMC, and Young MC were breaking into popular music,” Hunter recalls. “It was fun and exciting.

“As I was writing, I realized I wanted to show my appreciation for these artists, and the inspiration that they have given to me. For example, Young MC’s “Gotta Roll With the Punches” caught my ear, so I wrote the name of the song down. I also came across an artist by the name of D Train, who I had never heard of, and his song “You’re the One For Me” so I wrote that down too.

“Later, when I looked at the paper, I realized I had the first line for my song: “D Train, You’re the One For Me/ Gotta Roll With the Punches like Young MC”. It was too good not to use.”

Luke Cyrus Hunter was first known for his years spent with close friends Wayne Bond and Jason Walsh in the band Stereola, and it was here Hunter would develop his dynamic, multifaceted musicianship a la The Doors’ Ray Manzarek and Keith Emerson, playing keyboard bass with this left hand while another instrument — like the organ, or electric piano — with his right.

Oh, and all while singing too.

“As you can imagine, it’s not an easy thing to do,” he laughs.

Years on now, Hunter and Bond remain… Well, bonded. “Wayne plays the drums and engineers while I compose the songs, sing, and play the rest of the instruments,” Hunter continues. “Wayne is on drums for ‘Old School Jam’ but I’m always most thankful when I’m performing live, and I have other musicians to help me bring the songs to life.”

Hunter’s sonic mantra is to be upbeat, fun, and bring in the near-impossible-to-describe mixture of styles and sounds that’s quickly become his signature.

The results are buoyant, heavy on groove, densely layered and sophisticated.

“Luke Cyrus Hunter’s voice is thick and rich. “I think there’s an influence and songwriting style of David Bowie, David Byrne, and at times Frank Zappa,” he considers. “So, what do all these artists have in common? None of them could be placed in one box musically.”

Following 2017’s debut solo release, RE-NEW, Hunter is continuing to release new singles throughout the summer.

“Old School Jam” is available now.
We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and press release.