Toronto Surf-Punk Alt-Pop Rockers BAD BUZZ Debut New Album, Try Harder

Canadian rockers Bad Buzz continue to garner anything but. 

The alt-pop-rock meets surf-punk quartet are back with their knock-out sophomore offering, Try Harder — available now! 

Dubbed by Canadian Beats as “a unique blend of all eras of punk that is largely fuelled by Green Day-styled pop-punk, Social Distortion, and a touch of The Ramones for good measure,” Bad Buzz are bass guitarist and vocalist Joe Iacobelli, drummer Tristan Loria, guitarist Troy Fullerton, and guitarist and lead vocalist Ross Carvelli.

Try Harder — and its premiere single “Talkin’ Shit” — continue to epitomize the band’s signature brand of melodic punk grit fans and critics alike came to crush on via their debut LP, 2017’s Far From Home

“It was written after I overheard some shit-talking at a party,” Carvelli shares of the song. “It’s about being bullied, being talked about behind your back, but not giving a shit.” 

The track — along with the video — came together quickly. “I think in under an hour? Funny how that works sometimes.

“Same with the video…” he continues, referencing the band’s uber-DIY approach for shooting, editing, and animating the final piece. “We didn’t have the concept until days before our scheduled shoot date. The concept and storyline changed many times.”

“It was super fun to record,” Iacobelli adds. “We gathered a bunch of items from around our houses, wrote lyrics on them, and went for it.” 

“We like to have fun with our songs,” adds Loria. “We don’t follow the same script and that comes out in the songs. We all chip in with the writing process which really adds to the diversity of the album.” 

“We all grew up in separate towns across Canada, but had very similar childhoods,” adds Fullerton, speaking of his hometown of Riverview, New Brunswick alongside the Ontario hometowns of Iacobelli’s Sarnia, Loria’s Richmond Hill, and Carvelli’s Orangeville. “Skateboarding… Punk music… Partying… I think a lot of that similarity comes out in our sound.” 

Hear for yourself now. 

“Talkin’ Shit” and Try Harder are available now.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the media release.