September 16

Broken Branches, @AKI Studio(585 Dundas St.East)-Thurs.,Sept.19th-Sun.,Sept.29th, 2019

#BrokenBranches, @AKI Studio(585 Dundas St.East)-Sept.19th-29th, 2019.
The 2 Preview Dates: 
Tomorrow – Tues Sept 17 
Wed. Sept 18 , BrokenBranches_theplay 
is a timely and provocative play written by Lorene Stanwick and directed by Philip McKee, starts a long-overdue conversation, shedding light on an important yet silent issue: sibling abuse. It is produced by #CreateTruthProductions in Association with #WorkmanArts, the award-winning multi-disciplinary arts and mental health organization.
#Theplay weaves together the stories of Jade, Rachel and Josh as they confront the truth about their childhood and the profound impact it has had on their lives. Told with honesty – and humour – it reveals secrets, lies, family dynamics … and the resilience to survive. By making the invisible visible, their stories will forever change the way we see sibling relationships. #Brothers. #Sisters. #Survival.
We would like to thank Danielle Iversen
Publicist & President of That PR Thing inc.for the invitationj to this event.