China Night – Sci Innovation Festival, TIFF 2019 Red Carpet Gala, Sun. Sep, 15

by Nicholas Chan

BKontheScene was honoured to attend this prodigious event. China Night was hosted on the Malaparte Rooftop at TIFF Bell Lightbox, during the wind up of TIFF. This event was jointly sponsored by the City of Toronto, the Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and the Sci Innovation Centre.

This marks the third year of Sci Innovation Festival 2019, an event showcasing the collaboration and friendship between the two great cities of Toronto and Shenzhen. The focus of this year’s China Night were Chinese films.

The screenings were influential messages of China’s national culture, combining many aspects of artistic expression such as painting, drama, photography, literature, and music in a vessel that echo’d strongly with it’s viewers. Chinese films have emphasize the Chinese civilization’s storied 5000 year-long tradition and heritage.

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