September 23

HANGGAI@Revival Bar-Thurs.,Sept.19th,2019

By Wayne Baggs
On Thursday, September 19th, Small World Music Society - – brought Hanggai 杭盖 (China) to the Revival Bar. They exposed me to a unique live music experience.

Hanggai is a Beijing based band that creatively blends traditional Mongolian music with contemporary rock. The music and performances are very compelling.

My lack of understanding of the Mandarin language did not hinder me from being moved by the music. Thanks to the quality of the performances of these deeply felt songs. A different sound to be sure, but not one that was inaccessible.

The sounds of the traditional instruments and the throat singing, while blending and interweaving with modern rock traditions made for a great night of music.
A great start to the Small World Music Festival. Thanks to this show I’ve requested two additional concerts. Have a look, get surprised.

We would like to thank Jess Cimo’ Of Small World Music for the invitation to this event.