September 23

Sue Foley@Hugh’s Room-Mon., Sept.9th,2019

By Wayne Baggs
Like all great Blues players, Ottawa native, Sue Foley honours the greats of the blues history. Such as Willie Dixon, Albert Collins and Mother Maybelle Carter. With her trademark Paisley Pink Telecaster, Sue has the well-honed skills and feeling to do that.

Sue’s unique thumb-finger picking style gets every bit of feeling from each note. I could listen to her play guitar for the whole night. Oh ya, Sue sings stunning rousing renditions of songs that have been an inspiration. Sue Foley’s new album The Ice Queen was likewise a source for many songs.
A masterclass of the genre for the audience at the Hugh’s Room Live. For the second half of the set, Sue plays a mean acoustic guitar. This lady sure puts on a passionate show.  A performance by Sue, with the intimate setting of Hugh’s Room Live, one gets the reason for loving live music. Sue has a unique style, but it’s the blues.
The Ice Queen album, released last year, featured a trio of special guests. Jimmie Vaughan, Z.Z.Top’s Billy Gibbons and Charlie Sexton contributed to this great album along with many other Lone-star Allstars.
Billy and Jimmie each gifted Sue a Paisley Pink Telecaster. These were the two played that night.  The original used on the album has seen many miles so it never made the trip. Sue does both these gems justice. Sue Foley is always a pleasure to catch live. – – –
We would like to thank Jane Harbury for the invitation to this event.